Sunday, May 25, 2014

Where have I been!

I know I know!

 I'm an awful Blogger and I'm truly sorry, I don't have a laptop anymore so so whatever reason when I'm sitting at my desk I do a lot of editing but I always forget to get on here and BLOG for you. So my goal is now to host at least 4 BLOG's a month and also try to link to all my YouTube videos thru here.

So the last two months have been super busy, with what you ask? Well planning for Brilliant! has started again, for anyone who doesn't know Brilliant! is a charity fashion show for St. Paul's hospital in Vancouver, I've been a part from year one and now at year 3 I am in change of all things makeup. I have over 60 makeup artists and around 100 models and it can be a very hectic time. The show isn't until September but we start planning in March!

The boys are both doing really well, Logan has his 11th Birthday coming up, I really can't believe he's almost 11, where idd the time go? Paxton is going to be 3 this year, WOW, I have a hard time even typing that. He is my baby after all and he's not a baby anymore.

Both the boys took skating lessons so far this year, Logan did amazing and Paxton had no desire to skate until we put a hockey stick in his hands, then you couldn't get him off the ice! 

He's also very artistic and thinks outside the box, I guess the paper wasn't exciting enough so his body became his canvas. He was covered by the time I finally stopped him!

And he got his first haircut, this was a very sad day for MOM!

Even with an 8 year age gap there are the best of friends, these two are my life blessings, and I'm so thankful!

We took a trip to Alberta to see their dad and my parents who are now living there. It's a very long drive and both my kids were so sleepy! This is them sleeping on the drive home, so cute!

Well there's an update and some of the awesome kid-cuteness! Hope you in enjoyed it and I'll be sure to talk to you guys a lot more!

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