Monday, May 26, 2014

4 or More TAG!

Hey Everyone!

  So here is my 4 or more TAG!

 When I was pulling the products for this video I had a really hard time, as most of you know my makeup collection is pretty large. It truly would have been a lot easier to pull things I have 4 or less of. And of course this got my thinking, how much is too much?

 I do makeup for a job, it's not a hobby or just YouTube for me. I am a working makeup artist so I find that I justify the amount of stuff I own using that excuse. Truth is I haven't used some of my makeup for a really long time, coming up on a year now, so maybe it isn't about what you do but how much you use. I rarely wear makeup myself, I have super sensitive skin and no time!

I have thought and even tried to go thru and pull what I don't use as much but at the end of the day no matter how big of a dent I make I always get it filled right back up! Makeup is a never ending obsession, there will always be a new product, a new colour, or special packaging. My words of wisdom for all yo out there reading this, buy what you will use, don't buy something that you know you will never touch because the packaging is pretty. When you buy something and it doesn't work for you return it (yes you can do that!), don't just let it sit and grow, trust me before you know it the collection will over take you!

Anyways hope you enjoy this video!

Thanks for watching!

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