Monday, June 17, 2013

Julep for June

Hey Everyone,

  So Julep for June was honestly my dream box, I don't know if they will ever be able to top this box in my eyes. Between the bright colours, the pretty pastels and the fact that most of them cover perfectly in only one coat really made it fell like Christmas in June!

Here is the overview of the entire box:

This months quote:

How true is that? Have you ever thought about "Style" that way, I know I hadn't but I am going to make an effort to start now!

For me this box was basically two sections, the brights and the pastels and even though the reddish orange colour in the second photo really had more of a pastel feel I felt like the colour was too rich to go with the others.

The Pastels:

The Brights:

Let's break it down by Box Type!

It Girl featured Char a beautiful and true bright blue colour, Bess a beautiful robins blue, and Nan a burnt orange colour. I've seen Nan in other photos and it looks like a coral cream but mine doesn't look that way! 

Classic With A Twist included Kennedy a Yellowish-Nude cream colour and Martha a very soft pink cream that reminds me of a strawberry milkshake.       

The last two are my favourite out of the whole box and we will start with BOHO Glam. Lexie was the first colour that really caught me eye when I opened my box. It's a beautiful bright yellow colour and I love yellow for doing designs with and it also came with Dianna the perfect light green. These two will look amazing together!

My second favourite and the last ones in the box came from the Bombshell type and that's just what these are BOMBSHELL colours. Raegan the most amazing hot pink cream I own, and Payton, which get's points first for having the same name as my favourite footballer but then it's all about the colour with this amazing BRIGHT green! STUNNING!

Like I said I am in LOVE with this box! I'm wearing Reagan and Dianna on my nails right now and as I'm typing this I can't help that I keep looking at my nails and thinking "how PRETTY are these!"

If you haven't tried Julep yet, you really should!

Click here to check it out:

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