Sunday, January 20, 2013

Julep January 2013

 Hey Everyone!

  I am in LOVE with this months Julep box! First off you can never have enough nudes but look at those amazing neons!!

Here are some closer shots of the whole collection:

Alright let's start with the Hand and Cuticle cream. This really is a wonder product for me, it's helps soften the area around my nail and I had always had an issue with the little pieces of skin the pull up around the nail. Not anymore! 

I also love the stick format because it makes it so easy to apply and it doesn't get all over my fingers which can be more sensitive then the area right around my nails.


Our first color combo is Boho Glam and that came with Fiona and Teresa. The first thing I thought when I saw Fiona was Shrek! It's a stunning bright green.

Next we have American Beauty which has Bethany and Mindy. Bethany is bright orange creme color, it really pops and if you put it on-top of Mindy which is a very pale pink it really pops.

Bombshell has the most amazing Purple color called Bette and a beautiful everyday color called Ava. It's a perfect pink colour, just perfect!

When I looked at these two colors I knew that they were the Classic With A Twist combo. They both scream it, LOUD! The pink neon is called Madison and it's a bright pink creme and the nude is Grace a very ice light pink. The only thing I don't like is Grace is really sheer, maybe too sheer to wear on it's own.

It Girl is my usual style and it came with two neons and one nude and I really wasn't too impressed with this set! Nikki is the highlighter yellow shade and it's really not very pretty to be honest! I like Ameila but I find it has almost to much of a shine to it, but the saving grace of this set was Nina. It's a  orangesicle creme color that I have a feeling I will wear all summer! It reminds me a lot of Parker another color I LOVE!

Wanna know more? Watch my VIDEO!

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