Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Fall Favs!

Hey Everyone!!

 So fall is officially here and I'm loving it. These products have been my most worn and/or products I just love in the fall.

 As far as lip products go in the fall I tend to lean towards a nude lip or a very dull pink lip, I do go red but that is more into winter time.  The one combination I've been wearing a lot this month has been the GlossyBox lipstick in Glossy Pink with NYX Tanned over top of it.

I have finally found the perfect color match foundation for me which is a huge WIN for me. I normally have to mix two shades to create my perfect shade but while I was at the drug store last month I was playing around with the Bourjois products and happened to swatch a couple of their foundations onto my face. AS fate would have it one of them was a perfect match and on top of that I love the way this foundation feels and looks on my face, so my go to foundation is now the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in the color 51 Light Vanilla.

While we are talking about the face I have to tell you all I have become obsessed with MAC Center of the Universe mineralize skin finish! This product blows my mind every time I use it, it's the most beautiful red/orange color with a gold highlight. If you want to use just the highlight part you can on mine because the gold is mostly around the outside or I can use more of just the color area. I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

Last month for eyes I started using some drugstore products and come to a point where I just wnated it to be simple, keep it simple, stupid!

This is the Maybelline Eye Studio quad in Cozy Cashmere and it's beautiful. These colors all remind me of fall and they are so smooth and blend so easily. I love these quads from Maybelline and also have Copper Chic and Olive Martini.

Want to see more of my FAVS?

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