Saturday, September 15, 2012

Glossy Box - August

Hey Everyone!

 Back to back Glossy Box Postings, who's excited?

So because it took so long to get my July Glossy Box I ended up getting my August box before it but wanted to wait to post the review on it. We got 5 samples in this box and two bonus items. 3 of the products were full sized!

1. Sebastian Potion 9 Lite
This says it is suppose to condition, restore, and enhances styling but in all honesty I didn't find that it did any of those things for me. I tried to use this product more then once and didn't find any results in any of the time I used it.

Full Size is worth $20.95 for 150ml and we got 50ml which is worth $7.00
Score: 1/5

The smell is t
he only thing pleasant about this product in my opinion!

2. Biore Make-Up Removing Wipes
These were pretty decent makeup wipes. I found that one wipe cleaned the whole face and removed most makeup. These weren't irritating to the skin but the smell did linger after cleaning.

Full Size is worth $3.99 and we got a full size.
Score: 3/5

These removed most of my makeup but the smell was very powerful and remained on my skin for sometime after using.

3. Kryolan Lipstick for Glossy Box
I was very surprised by this lipstick that Kryolan made for Glossy Box. It has a very creamy texture and didn't leave my lips feeling dry. The color is a really pretty dusty rose and the pigmentation is fantastic!

This was a special edition just for us Glossies!!

4. Kryolan Satin Powder
I love Kryolan as a brand and it's something we use in the industry a lot. The colors are very pigmented and you have to use a light hand with them but I love the finish and texture of this eye shadow

Full Size is worth $14.99 and we got a full size!
Score: 5/5

I love this color and how smooth it is to apply. It glides on effortlessly but you have to be careful not to pack on to much pigmentation cause you can get lots of fall out.

5. Befine Fine Food Skin Care
As I was opening this box I just couldn't believe how many packets of face care were coming out of it! It felt never ending and in total we got 5 samples within this one sample. I haven't tried any of these yet but I am really excited to try them!

Full size is worth between $24 to $30 depending on which product you buy.
Score: 5/5 Just based on the sample size!

5 different type of skin care in one box, doesn't get much better then that!

Trend Trunk Mystery Gift Card and Elastplast SOS Blister

In total we got almost $60.00 in product for only $15.00. This is a box that just blew my away! 

If you want more information you can watch the YouTube review here:

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